Music Ministry

Emanuel Lutheran Church is blessed to have so much musical talent within the congregation. Music is an important part of our ministry at Emanuel.

Bell Chiors

Having a 50 year history of bell choir excellence is a record that is hard to beat!

Rainbow Ringers

Rainbow Ringers is a bell choir of Sunday School children in preschool through fifth grade. The bells they ring come in a rainbow of colors, and are played with cue cards and prerecorded musical accompaniment.

Adult Vocal Choirs

The The Adult Vocal Choir has continued to grow over the past couple years. We are pleased to have members of all ages participating on a regular basis. A variety of musical selections are presented throughout the year with different styles including traditional, contemporary, Gospel and classical. This group meets nine months of the year and enjoys wonderful fellowship during rehearsals. One or two cantatas are presented each year with participation from all of Emanuel’s musicians.