Music Ministry at Emanuel

Emanuel Lutheran Church is blessed to have so much musical talent within the congregation. Music is an important part of our ministry at Emanuel.

Organist/Worship & Music Coordinator
On February 1, 2005, Angela Tonjes joined us as our Organist/Worship & Music Coordinator. Angela has played the organ and coordinated music and worship at various churches in our area for nearly 20 years. She has a wealth of experience and is a wonderful addition to our worship at Emanuel.

Bell Choirs
Having a 40 year history of bell choir excellence is a record that is hard to beat! In addition to the adult handbell choir, there is also a catechism handbell choir and a youth bell choir, the Rainbow Ringers.

Brass Choir
Our congregation also has outstanding brass musicians, ready and willing to play! The brass choir plays mostly on special occasions.

Adult Vocal Choir
The Adult Vocal Choir has continued to grow over the past couple years. We are pleased to have several high school youth participating on a regular basis. A variety of musical selections are presented throughout the year with different styles including traditional, contemporary, Gospel and classical. This group meets nine months of the year and enjoys wonderful fellowship during rehearsals. A fall concert is presented every year along with the bell choir musicians, soloists and instrumentalists. In October, the choir begins practicing the music for their annual Christmas Cantata. This musical event takes place on the third Sunday of December during the regular worship services.

Means of Grace Choir
Started in 2005, this small choral group sings mainly "a cappella," with no musical accompaniment. It consists of a changing variety of men and women, depending on the musical selection. They sing four to six times a year for special services.

Rainbow Ringers
Rainbow Ringers is a bell choir of Sunday School children in grades one through five. The bells they ring come in a "rainbow" of colors, and are played with cue cards and pre-recorded musical accompaniment. The children have a great deal of fun practicing twice a month after Sunday School classes, and play once a month in church.

Cherub Choir
The children in our Cherub Choir come to practice every Wednesday at 3:15 as part of the After School Club. This group works to develop their musical skills, learns to sing with confidence, and has fun with music. They are very energetic and also quick learners, and Cherub Choir is a rewarding experience for them. They share their talents with the congregation once a month, and travel to area nursing homes to perform twice a year.

Living Spirit
Living Spirit is a contemporary Christian choir at Emanuel. High school students, college students, and adults of all ages gather on Wednesday evenings at 6:15 to rehearse music with a modern and uplifting feel. Practices are relatively short and are great for anyone who does not have many hours to dedicate to rehearsal. Living Spirit usually sings once a month in church and also for all special occasions.

Practice schedule:
Adult bell choir- Sunday 9:15am (Sanctuary)
Catechism bell choir- Wed 7:30pm (Sanctuary)
Adult vocal choir- Wednesday 6:30pm (Sanctuary)
Youth Choir- Wednesday 3:15 pm (Chapel)
"Living Spirit" choir- Wednesday 6:15pm ( Chapel)